Trans-Auto AB are taking over as Premium Partner Hydrotechnik GmbH, for Minimess® and hydraulic measuring devices.

On September 1, the hydraulic component program from Eigenbrodt transferred over to Trans-Auto AB, both of which belong to the technology trading group Axel Johnson International AB.

Trans-Auto has been active in parts of the hydraulic field for a long time and have seen the opportunity to invest further by adding and developing the Hydraulic Component Program from Eigenbrodt to our existing product range.

Trans-Auto has also taken over responsibility for existing customers and suppliers since September 1. At the same time, John Kjerrman has gone over to Trans-Auto AB from Eigenbrodt with his good knowledge of hydraulics and for continued good cooperation with our customers.

The product program Monitoring/Diagnostic includes:

  • Minimess® testpoints, microbore hose, test kits and accessories.
  • Electronic measuring instruments, loggers, sensors and software.
  • Sensors for pressure, temperature, flow, levels, particles, water.
  • Oil coolers, filtration units off-line.
  • Charging- and testing for nitrogen gases, accumulators.
  • Service- and calibration for electronic instruments and sensors.

For more information contact the sales engineer!

John Kjerrman