Trans-Auto delivers driveline components to the new Combat boat 90HSM


The 18 new vessels ordered through FMV and built at the yard “Dockstavarvet” are similar to the previous models of combat boat, but will be able to operate into other type of missions. For example, the vessels will be equipped with gyro controlled weapon station from SAAB which is operated from inside the boat. There are also several launcher locations on deck where other support weapons can be used.



The new combat boats are equipped with two drivelines per vessel. The engine is a Scania DI16 (V8). The vessel will have two performance modes, the standard is 800hp and in special cases the engine can operate at 900hp. The gearbox “Twin Disc MGX5126A” is mounted directly to the engine. The gearbox is customized to fit the new combat boat. The customizations are a result of good cooperation between Dockstavarvet and Trans-Auto.
The new driveline, with a Twin Disc Gear, enables operation from idle speed which facilitates ramping in shallow waters. Therefor the risk of dragging up segments from the seabed is minimized, preventing it from getting into the waterjet. If it still occurs, the gear can backflush the waterjet. This means that the water is driven the opposite way which pushes out the dirt the same way it got into the waterjet.

Service and aftermarket

Twin Disc has a service community spread globally. The service workshops and distributors designated by Twin Disc have passed established training programs making them certified to perform service actions and maintenance on Twin Disc products. This creates global security for the customer.

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Photo: P. Gullberg