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85% of all oil are unnecessarily changed

Trans-Auto Launches all new Particle Pal Life for oils


A self contained portable device that accurately monitors Particulate, Water Content and Remaining Life of any oil

The importance of monitoring the condition of any given oil should not be underestimated.  Oil is the life blood of all hydraulic, engine, plant and rotating machinery.  Oil that is either contaminated through water or particulate ingress or is coming to the end of its useful life through additive depletion or excessive oxidation should be monitored closely to avoid costly breakdowns and unnecessary system failures.

A survey of over 20,000 oil sample lab results taken in the UK from Off Road/Plant equipment showed that in over 85% of cases oil was being changed at the wrong time by relying on OEM timing intervals rather than via condition monitoring.  In the vast majority of cases oil was being changed too soon.

Particle Pal Life FS9V2-OLU-2


Introducing the all new Particle Pal Life.  Combining a Particulate Laser Counter with a Water Sensor and an accurate Full Spectrum Holistic Oil Condition sensor from Tan Delta.  The all new Particle Pal Life gives a portable, real time view of an oil’s condition including a percentage of oil life used.  Particle Pal Life is controlled and operated via an easy to use tablet App, built into the design.  The software shows cleanliness and water levels in real time as well as oil condition/remaining useful life.  All data is logged, can be recalled and added to in order to build up a trend history.  Automatic off-site data backup for additional safety and archiving/security of results is also included.


Particle Pal Life is an extension of the award-winning Particle Pal range. Three models cover Particulate, Particulate and Water sensing and now Particulate, Water and Oil Life.  Suitable for just about any oil or diesel fuel monitoring application the Particle Pal range offers affordable portable monitoring and logging of results.



All Particle Pal’s are portable field kits with their own pump and battery packs.  Samples can be drawn from equipment running live under pressure or drawn into the unit via a sample bottle.  Viscosities up to 420cst are catered for as standard with higher viscosity oils capable of being measured if pre-heated to 40-55 *C. Engine oils can be measured for water content and oil life but not ISO codes as Laser Particle counters do not work on opaque fluids.


Filtertechnik have over 15 years of experience in the supply, installation and manufacture of Laser Particle counting enabled equipment.  Our Particle monitors are accurate to within +/-0.5 of an ISO code with a repeatability of +/-0.1%.  Reporting in ISO, SAE and NAS classes as well as giving the particle quantity counts in the 4, 6, 14 and 21 micron sizes.

The built in Tan Delta Full Spectrum Holistic Oil Condition sensor monitors the overall condition of the oil giving you unparalleled sensitivity, accuracy and precision, this enables the oil’s remaining useful life to be calculated and displayed. The sensor will work with virtually any oil and the App has a built-in database of over 500 common industrial oils. Filtertechnik partnered with Tan Delta as their sensor is the market leader, it’s proven over many years of operation and is over 60 times more sensitive to oil degradation than any other dielectric type measuring sensor.

For Oils not on the database Filtertechnik have included a one-time self calibration routine.  Virgin oil is taken through a heat cycle to build a profile for the oil, this profile can then be used to determine the remaining life of used oil of the same type.  All equipment to take and test samples as well as heat oil is included in the kit.

Particle Pal Life gives Engineers unparalleled live information as to the state of their oil allowing them to make informed choices regarding their plant and equipment.

Particle Pal Life FS9V2-OLU-1


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