General delivery conditions


We reserve the right to change prices  without announcement. Prices in pricelists, offers and other documents is typically ex. VAT.


Price rounding is applied according to Swedis and EU regulations.


Parts not avialable in stock on ordering day will be backordered for dispatch later if nothing else is agreed. Specified delivery times with reservation to prior sale or delivery delays from our suppliers.


Is normally charged and will not be resumed.


All prices is ex works if otherwise not stated.

Non stocking items

These parts can only  be cancelled/returned upon agreemet. Please note that this also includes parts ordered but not yet delivered.


Return of goods only upon agreement, and should be announced within 10 days from delivery date. In case of return goods, Trans-Auto must approve and be notified within 10 Days from delivery date. Non stocking-items can only be returned if the supplier approves to take them back. Freight and other costs will be withdrawn from credit. Return freight costs is always on senders expence unless otherwise is agreed..

Incoming inspection

If you have a complaint on the delivery,  it must be reported to us within 10 Days from receiving the goods.

Repairs and overhauls

In case of interrupting a job in workshop, we will invoice actual time spent, but maximum 60% of offered labor cost.

Terms of payment

Upon agreement. Credit will granted after performed credit Control. Credit can be retracted in case of mismanaged.

Interest terms

In case of late payment, we will charge discount + 8%. We reserve the right to charge 5 EUR for payment reminders.


According to respective industry association alternatively manufacturers warranty conditions. Trans-Auto can either repair or replace the defective object. Repair or replacement could be performed on site, or if we decide so, the goods should be sent to us or a workshop designated by us. Our warranty terms do not cover remove and refit costs, production loss, machine downtime or other ecnomic loss.

Force majeure

According to NL 01


Dispute shall primarily be resolved through negotiation. Otherwise the arbitrator. Swedish law applies