Control system

Twin Disc EC300

Twin Discs electronic control system for operating the marine gears and motors. The system can handle up to 6 Control stations.

EC300 is designed to withstand a harsh work environment and make the vessel easy to maneuver. The combination EC 300 and “quick shift” provides unique opportunities where even the thruster can be integrated in the system so that the joystick can be used for lateral control. This function is called “EJ”. EC 300 is also prepared for the DP system and axle brakes.

Read more about EC300 control system on Twin Discs website.


Hamilton Jet blue ARROW

To be able to take advantage of the waterjat benifits, it sshould be installed with Hemilton Jets develope Control system Blue ARROW. The system is integrating the entire propulsin line in the the vessel which provides unbeatable maneuvererablity and extensive security features.

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