A waterjet has many advantages compared to a traditional propeller drive. Besides drafts are minimized so maneuverability is unbeatable.

The simple design provides low maintenance costs. The units can be operated hydraulically / mechanically or with Hamilton’s proprietary operating system, the “Blue Arrow” and “MECS”.

Hamilton Jet waterjets manufactured for planing pleasure and working boats boats from 6 to 60 meters in length and engine power up to 3000 kW.Examples of workboats can be pilot boats, patrol boats, ferries and water taxis.

HamiltonJet has three model series, each series are available in several sizes, all to optimize performance


HJ series are aggregates suitable for boats between 6-20 meters and the engine horsepower from 100 to 800 kW. In this segment, Hamilton has more than 50% of the world market.


HM series are units designed for boats between 17 and 60 meters and power outputs from 900 to 3500 kW


HT Series is the latest developed aggregate series and is also the largest sizes. HT 1100 and HT 810 is “Mixflow” pumps with the latest technology inwater jet area.

The units are installed with advantage along with Hamilton Jets control system,Blue Arrow and MECS.

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