Spicer Spicer® axles are designed to deliver maximum performance for off-highway machines. Our innovative axles offer features and specifications to accommodate specific application needs. 

We meticulously engineer our designs – single-reduction, planetary, specialty and transaxle lines – to provide reliable performance and easy, low-cost service, and with a wide variety of options, allow you to customize the products to suit your needs.

Our global manufacturing footprint offers the option of local axle supply wherever our customers are located.

Dana Spicer Axle

Dana Spicer Axle

Quick Facts

  • Load ratings from 1,200 to 140,000 pounds (545 to 65 500 kg)
  • Single source for the widest range of off-highway axles
  • Axle platforms feature a wide range of track widths, foundation service brakes, parking brakes, vehicle frame attachments, and biasing differential options

Features & Benefits

  • Axle features can be customized to meet the specific needs of each application
  • Engineered to deliver maximum performance in any environment
  • Durable axle designs provide easy, low-cost service and maintenance

Trans-Auto offers service och spare parts to Clark-Hurth, Spicer, Sige, ComAxle, Kirkstall and Axeltech.

We also bring driveshafts from Spicer Drive Shaft to the market..

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About the supplier

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