For over 50 years, Trans-Auto AB has offered Driveline world class solutions with all types of transmissions for Forklifts, Wheel Loaders, Mines and Forestry Machines.

Now we also have HVT transmissions with CVT solution and transmissions dedicated to electrification.


We are experts in the entire driveline with transmissions, axles, propeller shafts, torque converters, control systems and coolers. Most of the transmission’s we sell are possible to electrify.

Our transmissions are can handle 55Kw up to 570Kw and are available in a variety of designs depending on the application.

Trans-Auto AB provides complete customer support throughout the life of the driveline, from design and construction to installation and aftermarket.

Our extensive Spare part warehouse for DANA’s products and our mechanical workshop in Södertälje ensure a complete aftermarket process.

We are the general agent in Northern Europe for DANA Corporation Off-High way Solutions.


3D print of a transmission

Hydraul Transmission

Hydraul CVT Transmission

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