Trans-Auto represents some world leading driveline brands for propulsion of vehicles and ships.

In addition to direct driveline components, we can also offer other related products.

As a Trans-auto customer you can rely on our support, not only at start-up, but also through the products entire life cycle.

Our after market team can offer new, and used spare parts, repairs and overhauls throughout the applications entire life.

Sales mobile

Rustan Andersson

Sales Supervisor mobile, Sales engineer MICO brake systems

+46 8-554 240 27

Magnus Andersson

Sales engineer transmissions

+46 8-554 240 08

Thomas Nordström

Sales engineer axles

+46 8-554 240 04

Olle Larsson

Sales engineer, Drive shafts

+46 8-554 240 00

Sales marine

Lars Håkansson

Sales Supervisor marine,

+46 8-554 240 20

Andreas Cederqvist

Sales engineer, Reich and Transfluid

+46 8-546 020 86