We help families forced to flee to make it through the winter



Axel Johnson International is a proud supporter of the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR. Through our support, we hope that we can help families forced to flee to make it through the Winter.

The UNHCR’s mission is to lead the protection work of persons fleeing violence and persecution. The UNHCR is working tirelessly in the field across the world, with staff present where every major conflict is taking place and along the escape routes. The UNHCR ensures that families forced to flee are given shelter, food, water, and access to healthcare and education.

Right now, the UNHCR is preparing to give extra support to vulnerable groups so that they can make it through the winter. The UNHCR is distributing sleeping bags, blankets, rain coats, fireplaces, warm clothes and winter boots. During the fall, we saw countless images of violence from Syria and Iraq. The prolonged battles are increasing the number of people forced to flee, and they become more vulnerable every day. It is a state of emergency and the UNHCR is struggling to distribute aid to everyone in time.

The UNHCR’s work is funded through voluntary contributions. Support the UNHCR at https://sverigeforunhcr.se/stod-oss/gava