R&D Marines flexible prop shaft couplings and vibration dampers are available in a wide range of models to suit the majority of commercially avilable marine gears and motors.

R&D Marines couplings reduces vibration/oscillation and are easy to install.

Flexible couplings

The flexible couplings are designed to fit most types of marine gear flanges. When calculating the right coupling size, the gear ratio and Engine Power and speed must be taken into concideration.


Marine damper drive plates

The flexible drive plate dampers are avilable in a large variety of outer diameter and  finns i ett stort antal varianter, både vad gäller ytterdiameter och splines data. If there is a problem with rattling noice, escpecially on low rpm, a R & D marine drive plate is preferable to a  conventional type of plate.

To further enhance the driving discs damping capacity against motor coefficient of cyclic and torsional vibrations, has R & D in developed a three-stage disc plate that can absorb a full 32 ° rotation..

Trans-Auto has a large variety of R &D Marine products in stock. Please call us for technical advise.



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