Trans-Auto complements its Oil Condition Monitoring and Filter Program with laboratory analyses


Trans-Auto AB Södertälje has entered a partnership with German OELCHECK GmbH to represent their laboratory services on the Swedish and Norwegian markets.

”This service will complement our Oil Condition Monitoring product range and filterprogram in a very positive way and confirms the fullservice concept “One Stop Shop” to our customers.” says John Kjerrman product manager at Trans-Auto AB.

OELCHECK GmbH is an independent laboratory that has been operating since 1991 and has about 100 employees. The company is privately owned by the Weismann family. The business has 100 advanced measurement methods that are distributed over manual and automated processes. Over 2,000 analyses are carried out every day. OELCHECK has been accredited according to ISO 17025 since 2009, quality and environmental certified according to ISO9001 and ISO14001 since 1996.

Over 30,000 customers globally, OELCHECKS utilizes services that consist not only of oil analyses but also the support of trained tribology specialists to interpret reports. Experience and knowledge are based on 3.8 million test results and 200,000 application individuals accumulated over the years in their own database.

All information is made available in a user-friendly and easy-to-use internet-based customer portal. The portal is supported by several aids, including their own OELCHECK App 4.0 and QR codes that can be applied to or at any application individual/machines where the app helps to quickly and easily make available all your own customer-related information on mobile phone or tablet, in real time directly on site. Furthermore, each user can add their own notes and images, create custom charts and trend reports in addition to the standard formats presented at startup, and distribute the information to their own recipients.

Since 1996, OELCHECK has been running its own “OilDoc Academy for hands-on-people”, with training focused on application-oriented use but also specialist needs. In addition, there is a custom-made magazine,”OELCHECKER”, which is published three times a year, and contains success stories, knowledge articles, etc.m.

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Trans-Auto will act as OELCHECK Exclusive Agent for the Markets of Sweden and Norway. All distribution of sampling aids, receipt of oil samples and advice when choosing are done through Trans-Auto AB, Södertälje.

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